WN@TL on Hiatus at Least Through April 15; how to tap into the WN@TL Archives online at PBS Wisconsin and at the WN@TL YouTube site

For March 18, 2020       Please share this invitation with your friends & neighbors. 
Hi WN@TL Fans,
Well, a couple of things have changed since last Wednesday.
For example, all events, including Wednesday Nite @ The Lab, on campus have been cancelled.  And the Auditorium is locked down and unavailable for streaming talks.
However, even when our doors are closed, our portals are always open.
Here are some ways you can still tap into the archives of WN@TL talks going all the way back to October 2007:
1.  WN@TL on the University Place website of PBS Wisconsin.
2.  The WN@TL YouTube channel
3. You can even watch some WN@TLs on the University Place broadcasts of PBS Wisconsin.
In the meantime, I’ll be featuring some of my favorite WN@TLs from the past in my weekly missives to you.
First up:  Steven Oreck’s talk on “The UW, Madison, and the Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919.”  It’s a sobering tale from a singular speaker who was at once a retired Navy officer, a retired surgeon, and a PhD candidate in history.  Oreck traces, among other things, who (mis) communicated which messages, who dissembled to whom, who threatened whom with jail, and who intentionally forgot the flu.
I have watched it twice in the last two weeks.  Each time it has left me numb, but it has not left me dumb.  It is important to find and keep our voices even as we take shelter.
In the meantime, I will be happy to chat with any of you by email (zinnen@biotech.wisc.edu) or phone (608 and 265 then 2420—you’ll get my voicemail).  I look forward to listening to your ideas and analyses.  
A Special Request: Please note the 18th Annual UW-Madison Science Expeditions campus open house April 3-5 has been cancelled.  We’ll see you next year on April 9-11, 2021!
Hope to see you sometime soon once we can resume Wednesday Nite @ The Lab.
Tom Zinnen
Biotechnology Center & Division of Extension, Wisconsin 4-H

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Here are the components of the WN@TL User’s Guide
1. The live WN@TL seminar, every Wednesday night, 50 times a year, at 7pm CT (on hiatus as of March 11, 2020)
2. The live web stream at biotech.wisc.edu/webcams (also on hiatus)
3. The WN@TL YouTube channel
4. WN@TL on the University Place broadcast channel of PBS Wisconsin 
5. WN@TL on the University Place website 
To invite your friends to subscribe to the WN@TL listserve, ask them to send an email to join-wednesday-nite-at-the-lab@lists.wisc.edu 

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