Request a Field Trip at one or several of the many science outreach venues at UW-Madison – your public land-grant research university.

See the University as a Constellation of Science Venues

Madison does not have a large, comprehensive science museum or hands-on science center. But you can still experience science as exploring the unknown — if you can see the whole University as a Constellation of Science Venues that together become your Destination for Exploration!

Like a starry constellation, the UW-Madison Science Constellation is an organization of programs and venues that helps you see, find, navigate, connect with, and participate in the science enterprise on campus.

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To help you envision the possibilities, put a star on the UW-Madison campus at the locations of our nearly three-dozen science venues — and see how the campus becomes a Constellation of Science. Use this map to navigate your way through the array of places, programs, and resources that can provide you and your group an Expedition of engaging experiences tailored to your interests encompassing the full range of sciences. Mouseover or click on stars for more about each science venue. In the upper right corner of the map, click on map for all roads and click on Legend, then Parking, for venue parking options. For personal assistance in planning your next expedition to campus, call and talk to the guides at UW-Madison Visitor and Information Program.

See the Campus as a Constellation of Science Destinations!
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