UW-Madison Science Alliance Updater – March 13, 2023

 UW-Madison Science Alliance Updater

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Monday 13 March 2023

Hi Everyone, 

This Monday morning every year we rediscover that Daylight Saving Time cuts both ways.  It’s great to have the sun go down an hour later in the evening, but dealing with a delay in the dawn’s early light can put a crimp in your song-writing morn.

This raises the twice-annual question: as we adjust our clocks, how do we best adjust to our clocks?  And should we flip-flop the hour hand twice a year?

My perusal of the Twitterverse showed more tweets citing more studies saying that not changing would be a good thing, and making standard time permanent would be preferable over making daylight saving time permanent.  That may be, but it seems to me, that depends on where one lives.

My first family vacation, a car trip west in August 1972, was also my first time traversing a time zone.  It was hard not to notice as we set up camp at a KOA along I-80 at Kearney, Nebraska, some 650 miles west of Chicago, that at the western edge of the Central Time Zone the sun went down nearly a full hour later than at the eastern edge.  This was no Einsteinian space-time warp.  It was road trip geography; it’s how time zones work.

However, in the US, the most powerful population centers (at least when the time zones were first established) tended to be along the eastern edge of the time zones.  So studies that focus on New York or Chicago or Denver or LA are prone to be biased towards the impacts on folks who live close to the eastern edge of a time zone, while the folks in the Kearneys and the Grand Islands at the western edges can shift for themselves.

Today I am reminded, not for the first time in history, that where one stands on a science-inflected policy may depend in part on where one lives, but few political positions depend so much on one’s local meridian relative to the assigned time-zone line.

In any case, here’s to longer days, whatever the clocks may say.

Thanks again!

Tom Zinnen


Coming Up This Week and This Coming Month

1.  The UW-Madison Science Alliance meets Mondays at 10:00 am by Zoom and we meet in hybrid mode on the last Monday of the month by zoom and in person in Room 1120 Wisconsin Energy Institute.  Our next meeting is Monday, March 20th.

 The Zoom link for the spring meetings of Science Alliance will continue to be: https://zoom.us/my/glbrc.weieducation.vmr?pwd=L2Q0L0g0S3lEd2gyazNscjA1d2JYZz09

The draft agenda for March 13, 2023 at 10 am includes:•  Welcome•  Updates

•  Updates on WSST Conference March 9-11; next year April 18-20, 2024 in La Crosse

•  Possible dates for 2024 UW Science Expeditions  (Easter is March 31, 2024; Eid al-Fitr begins Tuesday April 9, 2024; Passover begins Monday April 22, 2024; Orthodox Easter is May 5, 2024;

•  Planning the 21st Annual UW Science Expeditions April 14-16, 2023

          Please volunteer to serve on committees Here

Budget Report:  Tom Zinnen

Communications:  Lindsey DeCarlo, Wes Marner. Tom Zinnen;  banner placement Sat March 25

          Publicity: Liz Jesse, Haddie McLean 

          Venues:  Ana Garic, Drew Lakuta, Jennifer Mitchell, Tom Zinnen, 

          Presenters:  Allison Bender, Val Blair, Liz Jesse 

•  Other Business

•  Meet next on Monday, March 20, 2023, 10 am, by zoom.

 As with the #Updater, the Science Alliance meeting notes are also archived on https://science.wisc.edu/science-alliance/.

 2. Recurring Programming Events Coming This Week and Soon.

 Saturday Science Workshops at UW Space Place  nearly every Saturday, from 10 am to 11 am.

These family-friendly events are always free and open to the public every Saturday morning during the school year. This program is held in person only at UW Space Place, 2300 S. Park St, Madison. The workshop starts promptly at 10:00 and is typically over by 11:00.

 Badger Talks:  Watch in-person, or online live or in archive at  https://www.facebook.com/BadgerTalks/live_videos/  and check the schedule for Badger Talks LIVE and In-Person Badger Talks live or online are listed at  https://badgertalks.wisc.edu/events/.  Also, check out the current schedule of In-Person Badger Talks occurring in communities across Wisconsin.   And you can join the new BadgerTalks Facebook page here

• “Wednesday Nite @ The Lab” series of public science talks every Wednesday night, 50 times a year, at 7pm CT by Zoom (go.wisc.edu/240r59) or in person in Room 1111 Genetics Biotech Center.   On March 8 Alan Lee of Anthropology and the UW Missing in Action Recovery & Identification Program speaks on “Matching Physical Remains with Service Records to Identify MIAs.”

• PLATO Frontiers in Life Sciences takes place at UW Space Place, 2300 S. Park St,  on Wednesdays at 1pm.  Zoom at https://go.wisc.edu/27448v .  Jennifer Tran of Pharmacy speaks on March 15 on “Investigating Bacterial Biology with CRISPR Tools and Antibiotics.”


3.  Researchers & Outreachers:  Sign Up Now (and Before March 24) to Participate in the 21st Annual

#UWScienceExpeditions Campus Open House April 14-16

On behalf of the UW–Madison Science Alliance, we are delighted to invite you to participate in the 21st Annual UW-Madison Science Expeditions on April 14-16, 2023.

UW Science Expeditions is UW-Madison’s annual campus-wide science open house: it’s an opportunity for all of us to welcome everyone to their public, land-grant research university, and it’s a splendid chance to share your research & outreach with visitors of all ages.

As a campus-wide open house, UW Science Expeditions features multiple options this year:

  1. Exploration Stations: hands-on exhibits where you share insights into your research;
  2. Science Spectaculars: presentations that engage a larger audience, usually in an auditorium; and
  3. Destinations for Exploration: tours or Open Houses of venues across campus.

**To Sign Up to lead an Exploration Station, a Science Spectacular, or a Destination for Exploration, please register by March 24 at: https://forms.gle/bgyr6ATNXyLnLhU39 

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Tom Zinnen (zinnen@biotech.wisc.edu or 608-265-2420).

Please help us spread the word: if you know others on campus who may be interested in sharing their research or outreach at UW Science Expeditions, please forward this information to them.

Thank you for considering this invitation to participate in the 2023 UW-Madison Science Expeditions!

-The 2023 Science Expeditions Planning Team

4.Badger State Science & Engineering Fair Invites Volunteers Saturday March 18 at UW-Whitewater

In the last week, Badger State Science & Engineering Fair registrations have doubled and the organizers would be grateful to get some additional volunteers to help judge BSSEF projects. 

Therefore, BSSEF co-organizer Lalitha Murali is inviting science professionals to help judge projects at the Badger State Science & Engineering Fair next Saturday, March 18 at UW-Whitewater. 

BSSEF will provide free breakfast and lunch for the judges.

To volunteer, please send Lalitha an email at lalithamurali94@gmail.com 

Would you please also share this invitation with your colleagues and network?

Check out  https://bssef.org/for-judges/ for more details.

5. “The Other Washburn Observatory: The Student Observatory, 1879-1960” by Dr. Jim Lattis, Director of UW Space PlaceTuesday, March 14 at 7:00 pm

Often forgotten in the history of UW’s Washburn Observatory is the Student Observatory, which has served many roles and is still engaged in active astronomical research at the age of nearly 150 years! This talk will examine its origins, the telescopes it has been home to, and the scientific research carried out there up until its removal from the UW campus in 1960 followed by a brief look at its new roles.The presentation will be offered both in person and virtually. To attend virtually, search for the UW Space Place YouTube channel that evening. If you cannot join us at that time, the talk will also be recorded for you to enjoy later. For more information, see our website: spaceplace.org.

6. Edgewood College Summer Camps have a few spaces remaining:  see https://www.edgewood.edu/outreach/science/summer-camps

7. MADISON BIRD AND NATURE FESTIVAL on Sunday April 23 from Noon to 4pm

UW Science Alliance partners and other groups are invited to have free outdoor table space at the 11th Annual Madison Bird and Nature Festival at the Warner Park Rainbow Shelter on Sunday April 23, noon-4.  This is a free city wide inclusive fun educational community event celebrating Earth Week, Arbor Day, International Bird Day and All Things Nature. Last year 700 people including lots of families and kids enjoyed the ongoing Open Door Bird Sanctuary Live Raptor Show and visiting about 25 parks, community, education and nature group table exhibits, short guided nature walks, food cart, music and lots of fun kids nature games and hands on activities.

This event is a lot like UW Science Expeditions so bring your ready-to-go Exploration Station or activity and use it again!  Come for all or part of the afternoon.  Some tables are provided, but please bring a table if you can and paper weights if it’s windy.  Canopies are ok if not windy.  Student volunteers are welcome.  Email Paul_Noeldner@hotmail.com or call 608-698-0104 to let him know who can come and your contact info to send additional details. Last minute is ok.

Please share this invitation.

Thanks for Helping Connect Madison area Communities and Kids with Learning About Nature!

Paul Noeldner

Volunteer Madison FUN Coordinator

Wisconsin Master Naturalist Instructor

136 Kensington Maple Bluff


608 698 0104

8. Sauk Trail Elementary School in Middleton Is Hosting a STEM Fair on Thursday, April 13 from 5:00-7:00 PM.

The organizers would be delighted to welcome your hands-on Exploration Station for kids & families.To sign up, please contact Kathleen Franzen at kefranzen@gmail.com

9. Opportunities in Quantum Science

Apply to Participate in TeachQuantum

The Department of Physics is excited to start accepting applications for TeachQuantum, an NSF-funded 6-week summer program that immerses middle and high school STEM teachers in real quantum science and supports quantum curriculum development. Applications are available on the TeachQuantum website and are due on April 21st, 2023. All questions about the program or applying can be directed to mallory.conlon@wisc.edu.

Celebrate World Quantum Day 2023 with QuanTime!

Interested in adding quantum science to your classroom but unsure where to begin? Join the National Q-12 Education Partnership for QuanTime, an international event dedicated to celebrating quantum science and making it accessible to all. Registration to receive free activity kits is now open on the QuanTime website! Any questions can be directed to mallory.conlon@wisc.edu.


Quantum information science is a booming field, but what is it and what are possible career paths? We invite you to join the Quantum To-Go program, where you’ll be matched with quantum professionals that will introduce the importance of quantum science and technologies and share their experiences and career paths in quantum. All visits will be virtual and take place during the month of April 2023 to celebrate World Quantum Day on April 14, 2023. You and your matched scientist will work out specific dates, times, and details for your visit. Sign up here: https://quantum2go.org

10. Division of Extension’s “Summer Academy” Seeks Adult Volunteers June 19-22

Hello!  I’m writing on behalf of the committee that is recruiting chaperones and youth advisors for the Division of Extension’s Summer Academy program that will be happening at UW-Madison June 19-22.

We are looking for volunteer Chaperones (age 21 and up) and also Young Adult Advisors (ages 19-21) who can help support the many parts of this program.  To apply, go to https://go.wisc.edu/ppw3zx

For more info on the Summer Academy – visit https://4h.extension.wisc.edu/opportunities/statewide-events-and-opportunities/summer-academy/


Dawn VandeVoort

4-H Volunteer Development Specialist

University of Wisconsin – Madison Division of Extension

2019 Technology Way, UWGB

Green Bay, WI  54311


11. BioCore Outreach Ambassadors “Summer Science Camp” at Wisconsin Heights School June 12-16

The BioCore Outreach Ambassadors are seeking presenters for their annual “Summer Science Camp” the week of June 12-16 at the Wisconsin Heights School.  Camp runs from 8:30 noon each day, except on Thursday it runs 8:30 to 3:00.  They can provide travel, and lunch will be provided.  They can also provide 2-3 BOA volunteers to any science outreacher who wants to participate but needs a few extra hands.  For more information, contact Daniel Parrell at  dparrell@wisc.edu

12. Ag Discovery Day May 2 at State Fair Park

Kari Schoenike is the Agriculture Education Manager at Wisconsin State Fair Park planning the first Ag Discovery Day at the Fair Park, scheduled for May 2, 2023. They’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from area schools and have about 1000 students plus their teachers and chaperones scheduled to attend. The goal of the day is for students to immerse themselves in agriculture and experience hands-on learning.  If your program would have staff or volunteers available to host 2 learning stations focused on ag-related topics at this event (the same station content, just delivered in two locations; because of the large response, we are running 2 concurrent locations of the same stations), please contact Kari Schoenike.  Thanks for your consideration!

Kari Schoenike (she/her)Agriculture Education ManagerWisconsin State Fair ParkP: 414.266.7150  C: 414.640.7661  E: kari.schoenike@wistatefair.com

13. Mark Your Calendars for April 17 at 5:30 PM at the Discovery Building, 330 N. Orchard St, Madison WI

14. Rediscover the Joy and Fun of Learning Together at Remake Learning Badgerland Days April 21-29

Explore hands-on educational experiences for youth and families across southern Wisconsin!

From Greater Madison to Stateline and beyond, a community of arts, education, libraries and cultural organizations are coming together to provide exciting in-person, hands-on and virtual learning experiences for youth and families.

Find out more here and sign up your event here.


15. The Badger Precollege K-12 Program for DCS is recruiting instructors for 2023 summer programs.

We hire UW Madison instructors, staff and graduate students to teach in our program and provide stipends according to the Badger Precollege compensation rates. Please find a list of roles and links to apply here. There are separate links for graduate students (student jobs) and staff/instructors (wisc.jobs); however, the student jobs postings have additional course details. Do let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for passing this information along to your contacts. 

Best wishes,


Christopher Pevey Harry, Assistant Dean

Director of Precollege ServicesBadger Precollege

Division of Continuing Studies

21 N. Park Street

University of Wisconsin-Madison




16. Restore the Land, Become a Leader: Arboretum Restoration Team Leader Training

Did you know that the United Nations has designated 2021-2030 to the be UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (#GenerationRestoration)? Join this global movement by becoming a Restoration Team Leader! You will develop professional ecological skills, care for the land, and give back to your community.

Team leaders play a critical role in restoring Arboretum prairies and savannas by supervising other volunteers at Saturday morning ecological restoration work parties. They also gain invaluable personal and professional experience as they learn about native ecosystems and plants, manage and maintain native landscapes, and develop leadership and communication skills. Team leaders get to know the Arboretum and how it works in every season.

Restoration Team Leader Training will begin March 29, 2023 and costs $100; deadline for the application is March 22. You will participate in an extensive training that includes working outdoors, online and in-class time, and Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Certification. We ask for a big commitment, and we provide a unique and enduring opportunity in leadership and ecological restoration. For more information (including position description, schedule, and application form), please contact Marian Farrior at (608) 265-5214 or marian.farrior@wisc.edu.

Jennifer Mitchell (She/Her/Hers)

Youth and Community Education Coordinator

UW Madison Arboretum

1207 Seminole Hwy

Madison WI 53711

(608) 265-5872


17. Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers Annual Convention Will Be in La Crosse on April 18-20, 2024.

This is a great chance to promote your science outreach program to the 400-500 teachers from all across Wisconsin.

18. #MakeClimateAClass Initiative Coming in April for Earth Month 

#MakeClimateAClass is part of a larger event the Wisconsin Energy Institute hosts called the Worldwide Teach-In on Climate Justice.  #MakeClimateAClass encourages engagement with climate-related issues by having instructional faculty speak on how climate is integrated into their discipline for 10-30 minutes during a class sometime in April.

If you are interested in taking part in this initiative, please provide your contact information and details about your Spring 2023 courses in this Google Form.  For more information and resources, visit the UW–Madison Teach-In landing page 

Sent by Marina Kerekes of WEI.


19. Check Out the 2022-2023 “Family Science Nights” Opportunities: 


Researchers & Outreachers, if you’d like to help with Family Science Nights over the coming months, please sign up here.

Parents & Teachers, if you’d like help in inviting UW researchers & outreachers to participate in your Family Science event, please sign up here.

The calendar of upcoming science outreach at schools is at https://teamup.com/ks37f37f6a8028e6d0

20. “The Physics of Climate Change” Invites STEM Teachers to Collaborate

Are you a STEM teacher interested in incorporating climate science concepts into your curriculum but don’t know where to start? 

The Physics of Climate Change project, a collaboration between the UW–Madison Department of Physics and Wisconsin’s 4-H program sponsored by the Wisconsin Idea Collaboration Grant, has you covered! Adding climate science concepts into your curriculum this school year is made easy with an engaging activity, easy-to-use teacher materials, and in-class support from the project team.

If you are interested in having the project team join your class for a session during the 2022-23 school year, or if you’re simply interested in receiving the activity instructions, please fill out this form. 

Please reach out to Mallory Conlon (mallory.conlon@wisc.edu) with any questions.

21.  Wisconsin Science Olympiad State Tournament Runs April 1 at UW-Milwaukee

Watch here for more updates.

22.  UW Arboretum Winter-into-Spring Events

Saturday work parties, Sunday walks, and night walksSaturday restoration work parties, 9 a.m.–12 p.m.: https://arboretum.wisc.edu/get-involved/volunteer/work-parties/See the full list of Sunday walks (nature hikes, family walks, and garden strolls), plus monthly night walks, on the Arboretum events calendar: https://arboretum.wisc.edu/visit/events/

Taking a self-guided stroll is one way to explore the Arboretum on your own terms. Some of the most popular routes include the Grady Tract Loop, the Curtis Prairie, or a five mile loop through the whole arboretum. Always remember to stay on the paths to preserve wild plants + wear appropriate shoes.  

You can also take one of the free guided nature walks offered for different skill levels and ages on a weekly basis. Most meet at the Visitor’s Center, located right in the heart of the arboretum.

  1. Nature Walks — Every Sunday at 1 p.m., learn about the land, plants, and animals from local naturalists.
  2. Nature Hikes — On the first and third Sundays of the month, adults are invited on these longer walks.
  3. Family Nature Walks — On the second Sunday of the month, families can explore the arboretum with a guide.
  4. Garden Strolls — On the fourth Sunday of the month, gently-paced strolls are offered with wheelchair-accessible routes.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Check out the calendar for monthly night walks, seasonal birding hikes + more family-friendly events.

The arboretum is open daily from 4 a.m.-10 p.m. and is always free. 

UW Arboretum Events

See Arboretum events calendar for details and registration: https://arboretum.wisc.edu/visit/events/

  23. Events from Madison Friends of Urban Nature

Thank You for helping to publicize Madison FUN Bird and Nature Adventures, now entering our 10th Year! 

 Your support for these volunteer-led year-round weekly outings helps make Madison a welcoming, vibrant and healthy place for both people and nature.


* Join the FUN with Friends of Urban Nature on Parks and Partners co-sponsored outings!

* Free Naturalist Guided outings are offered in local parks and natural areas year round

* Outings are fun, welcoming, diverse, accessible and family and kid friendly

* Enjoy healthy nature recreation with a bit of fascinating nature education


* Just show up, no registration unless noted

* Dress for an outdoor walk, outings are rain or shine unless weather is dangerous

* See monthly outing publicity at http://CityofMadison.com/Parks/Events/Bird-Nature.cfm and co-sponsor social media

* Find trail maps, fun facts and activities at http://Tinyurl.com/MadisonFUNAdventures

* Connect with parks, environmental and friends groups for more great activities

* Support natural areas in every yard, park and neighborhood for kids, birds, bees, and wildlife!


Thanks for helping connect Madison area Communities and Kids with Nearby Nature! 

Paul Noeldner

Volunteer Madison FUN Coordinator

Wisconsin Master Naturalist Instructor

136 Kensington Maple Bluff


608 698 0104