The Past, Present & Future of your Television

How far did you see on your old Farnsworth machine?

How fer do you see on your current fernsehen?

O Say Can You See The Future of TV?

Tonight at 7 pm Bruce Johnson will give us the lowdown on what’s coming up as he lays out The Past, Present and Future of TV.  Philo Farnsworth invented what the Germans call the Fernsehen.  Let’s see how far Bruce can help us foresee what the TV will soon do for you and me.

With more single-digit temps on the way, I will once again provide my Boundary Waters Hot Chocolate to help with what a friend of mine called “The Unthawing.”  As in “take that chicken outa the freezer and unthaw it.”  I’m still trying to unravel that lexical knot.

Hope to see you soon at Wednesday Nite @ The Lab!

Tom Zinnen
Biotechnology Center & Cooperative Extension